Organizing a CME Learning Activity

It is great to see that you are interested in organizing a CME activity!

Planning a CME accredited activity is not nearly as difficult as it may initially appear, and better yet, your CME department staff is here to help. The first step we recommend you take is to simply start by getting in touch with one of our coordinators by emailing us at Although our department focuses on physician related learning, we are interested in discussing any activity that provides a learning opportunity to healthcare professionals. No matter the activity, we can likely provide some valuable insight in terms of the planning process, assist in the development and implementation of your activity, even how to get approval for other types of credit.

What does the planning process look like?

Depending on the type of activity you are planning and its intended start date, your timeline for development and the requirements therein, will vary. The two most common types of activities we accredit are RSS’s (Regularly Schedule Series) and Annuals (Yearly, or stand alone events) of which we recommend 8-12 weeks of planning for the former, and at least 8 months for the latter. For samples of planning timelines, budgets and activity forms, please visit our forms site here.

How does the CME office support the planning process?

While we are your first point of contact, please understand that we do not organize the actual activity for you, as our primary responsibilities are to assist in the planning of the educational material, as well as ensure that all accreditation requirements are maintained. However, due to the resources available to us, we are able to currently provide several administrative services. Examples of what services we do and do not provide, include:

Services We ProvideServices We Do Not
URL website for speaker presentationsArranging travel (car, flight, etc.)
Pre-event registration management
Booking event locations
Attestation set-up and instructions for day of eventBooking hotel rooms
Name badge creation
Contacting/managing exhibitors
sheets for day of eventContacting/managing speakers
Processing refunds
Managing location staff
Development of evaluation questionnaire and data sharingPurchasing and hiring catering/caterers
Support registration on day of eventRunning event registration table on day of event

The CME Team has a great deal of experience with various learning events. With our experience in adult learning, we consider ourselves educational consultants and hope to inspire you with the latest trends and research in this field. To best partner together, we are excited to join your planning committee meetings from day one. We want you to have a great time planning and delivering the learning event, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any ideas or best practice you would like to discuss!