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Rules and Regulations

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: This program is for scientific and educational purposes only and will not promote the company's products, directly or indirectly.

CONTROL OF CONTENT: Prisma Health Upstate (“Sponsor”) is responsible for control of content and selection of presenters and moderators. The Exhibiting Company (“Company”) and its agents agree not to direct the content of the program in any way or to influence any speakers regarding content of their lectures.

DISCLOSURE OF FINANCIAL RELATIONSHIP: Sponsor will ensure meaningful disclosure to the audience, at the time of the program, of (a) Company funding and (b) any significant relationship between the Sponsor and Company (e.g. grant recipient) or between individual speakers or moderators and the Company.

OBJECTIVITY & BALANCE: Sponsor will make every effort to ensure that data regarding the Company’s products (or competing products) are objectively presented, with favorable and unfavorable information and balanced discussion of prevailing information on the product(s) and/or alternative treatments.

COMPLIANCE: Both the Company and Sponsor agree to abide by all requirements of the ACCME’s Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Medical Education.  Upon request, Sponsor will furnish Company with a report concerning the expenditure of the funds provided.

ACCEPTANCE OF SUPPORT: Sponsor policy provides that support provided by commercial interests must be approved by the CME Activity Planners and/or Department Chair. Sponsor is in no way obligated to provide opportunities to any outside supporters of CME activities.

PARTICIPATION: In order to guarantee participation on the day of the event, the Sponsor requires that both a signed copy of this Exhibitor Agreement, as well as payment of the agreed upon Exhibitor Fee, be received by the CME Office PRIOR TO the event.

OPERATION OF EXHIBIT: To comply with the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support Standard 4.2, Exhibitors tables are intentionally placed in a space separate from all designated educational purpose areas, and Exhibiting Company representatives are restricted from engaging with learners within the learning space at any point in time.

PARTICIPATION: With the prior permission of the Sponsor’s CME Staff or Activity Planning Committee, a Company representative may be allowed to attend an educational session in the sole capacity of a Learner, as long as certain restrictions are met. These restrictions include, but are not limited to:  the wearing or displaying any commercial logo upon their person (e.g. Company t-shirts, name badges, pens, bags, etc.), asking questions of presenters, and engaging with any learners at any point while inside the learning environment. The learning environment will be monitored by the Sponsor’s CME Staff and/or Activity Moderators. Foregoing these requirements will result in the representative’s removal from the activity, and may result in the loss of exhibiting opportunities for the Company in the future.

INDEMNIFICATION: Company agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Sponsor, its employees, directors, agents, representatives and any affiliated organizations against any and all claims, judgments, fees, demands, settlements and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) that are the result of Company’s (or its agents), willful misconduct, negligence, or breach of duties described in the Sponsor Rules.