Skills check off   
 Safe handling of cylinder   
 Assemble/disassemble portable oxygen   
 Determine cylinder pressure   
 Apply nasal cannula   
Cardiace Arrest (Adult)   
 Pit Crew   
 Switch every two minutes   
Cardiac Arrest (Pediatric)   
 Pit Crew   
 Switch every two minutes   
Hemorrhage Control     
 Tourniquet as needed   
 Wound packing/junctional bleeding   
 Application of 2nd or 3rd tourniquet (if needed)   
 Proper verbal de-escalation techique   
 Apply soft restraints    
 Identify patient who need narcan   
 Narcan auto injector administration    
 Intra-Nasal Narcan administration   
Endocrine /Diabetes   
 Check glucose level with BGL meter   
 Administer oral glucose   
Immunological Emergencies (Anaphylasix)   
 Asst. administration of EPI auto-injector   
 Demonstrate EPI 1:1000 draw and injection   
      A. Draw from a vial   
      B. IM injection   
Field Triage    
 Difference between Trauma/MCI Triage   
 Triage using local protoco for MCI   
      A. START   
      B. Jump START   
 Place OPA/NPA   
 Ventilate an apneic patient   
      A. Minimum 2 minutes   
      B. Maintain proper mask seal   
      C. Appropriate rate (one breath every 5-6 seconds   
      D. Approperiate volume for patient size   
      E. Monitor chest rise with ventilaion   
      F. No isufation of stomach if applicable   
 Suction of upper airway   
 Insertion of approperiately size supraglottic airway   
      A. Adult   
      B. Pediatric    
Session date: 
12/04/2018 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm EST
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville
607 Grove Road
Greenville, SC 29605
United States
  • 3.00 Attendance

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