Oxygenation - Lesson Objectives 
•    Analyze physiology related to oxygen transport and metabolism. 
•    Identify the AHA’s guidelines on oxygen therapy in post cardiac arrest, acute coronary syndrome, and stroke patients
•    Discuss the role of free radicals related to oxygen therapy 
Blind Insertion Airway Device (BIAD) - Lesson Objectives
•    Need for supraglottic airway                
•    How to properly size                
•    advantages and disadvantages of BIADS

Capnography - Lesson Objectives
•    Reasons for using capnography
•    Describe each waveform and what they mean
•    Use of capnography in cardiac arrest
•    Review normal / abnormal ranges           
Case Studies 
•    COPD patient (use of capnography)
•    Cardiac arrest use of end-tidal with BIAD / and ROSC

Session date: 
Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 8:30am to 10:30am
Greenville Convention Center
1 Exposition Dr
Woodside Conference Center (off Eisenhower Dr.)
Greenville 29607
United States
  • 2.00 Attendance

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