OB Emergencies
• Identify abnormal presentations present during childbirth
• Discuss management of a patient with an abnormal presentation during delivery
• Describe a nuchal cord presentation
• Discuss the procedures to take when a nuchal cord is present during delivery
• Recognize the need for neonatal resuscitation during delivery
• Discuss the management principles of neonatal resuscitation
• Describe the routine care of a newborn not requiring resuscitation
Special Healthcare Needs
• Identify common special needs patients seen in EMS
• Relate the role of caregivers of the special needs patient to the EMS professional’s patient care

• Describe patient assessment of a special needs patient


• Describe the components of a mental status examination
• Perform effective patient restraint techniques (verbal and physical)
• State the risk factors for suicide
• Analyze the effects of opioids and excited delirium
• Identify common synthetic stimulants and natural or synthetic THC
o Recognizing the effects
o Synthetic stimulants
o Natural and synthetic THC

Session date: 
11/21/2018 - 9:00am to 11:00am EST
Greer Fire Department
103 W Poinsett Street
Greer, SC 29650
United States
  • 1.00 Attendance

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