• Identify proper hand washing technique       
 • Identify appropriate use of alcohol-based hand cleaner       
 • Discuss the CDC’s recommendations of vaccines for healthcare providers       
 • Assess eye safety indications and measures       
 Culture of safety       
 • Define culture of safety       
 • Identify and explain the six core elements necessary to advance an EMS Culture of Safety       
 • Identify the role of the EMS providers in establishing a culture of safety within EMS organizations       
 Evidence Based Guidelines       
 • Define evidenced based medicine and practice       
 • Identify resources available through NASEMSO to aid states and agencies in developing evidence based guidelines       
 • Explain the benefits of EBG to patients       
 Field Triage       
 • Relate MUCCs impact on the development of the CDC Field Triage Decision Scheme and SALT       
 • Analyze the triage methods for       
 o SALT       
 o START       
 o JumpSTART       
Session date: 
Monday, April 15, 2019 - 9:00am to 11:00am
South Greenville Fire Department
1820 old grove rd
Piedmont, SC 29672
United States

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