Series date: 
01/01/2021 - 8:00am EST to 01/31/2021 - 11:00pm EST

Please Note- Live "In-Person" CEP Classes Returning in 2021

Each Department and Training Site will have different provisions, attendance limits, and masking guidelines related to COVID-19.

Be prepared to furnish your own mask when attending class. 





Patient Assessment

  • Explain how the different causes and presentations of emergencies will affect how EMTs perform each step of the patient assessment process.
  • Identify the components of the patient assessment process. 
  • Describe how to determine the mechanism of injury (MOI) or nature of illness (NOI) at an emergency and the importance of differentiating trauma patients from medical patients.
  • Explain the process for determining the priority of patient care and transport at an emergency scene and include examples of conditions that necessitate immediate transport.
  • Discuss the process of taking a focused history, its key components, and its relationship to the primary assessment process.
  • Explain the importance of performing a reassessment of the patient and the steps in this process.
EMT Wellness & Safety 
  • Steps that contribute to wellness and their importance in managing stress
  • Define disease and communicable disease
  • Routes of disease transmission
  • Standard precautions in treating patient to prevent infection
  • Steps to take for personal protection from airborne / blood borne diseases
  • Proper handwashing
  • Know physiologic, physical, and psychological responses to stress   

Firefighter Down CPR

  • Discuss the Physical Stress of Firefighting
  • Risks of Sudden Cardiac Arrest During Firefighting Activities
  • Discuss the FD-CPR 10 Step Process
    • Gear removal
    • Continuous CPR